Logo der Beurer-Stiftung
  • Excerpts from the foundation charter
Section 1 Name, registered office, form of organisation, financial year

(1) The foundation bears the name "Beurer-Foundation"
(2) The foundation is legally responsible under civil law.
(3) The foundation is registered in Ulm, Germany.
(4) The foundation's financial year runs from 1 April to 31 March of the following year.

Section 2 Mission of the foundation

(1) The mission of the foundation is to help children and young people, to facilitate education and vocational training and to protect nature and the environment.

(2) The foundation achieves this aim primarily by supporting and implementing measures to help, protect and educate disadvantaged children, young people and women, and by encouraging environmental protection, in particular measures for sustainable use of resources. This includes:

Section 3 Non-profit status

(1) The foundation exclusively and directly pursues charitable and non-profit making objectives in accordance with the "Tax-privileged purposes" section of the German Tax Code.

(2) The foundation is wholly dedicated to charitable activities. The foundation is primarily a non-profit organisation. The foundation's funds must only be used for statutory purposes.

(3) No individual or legal entity shall benefit from expenditure that is not consistent with the mission of the foundation or from disproportionately high remunerations. The charter does not give rise to any legal claims relating to services provided by the foundation. The foundation can have business relations with special-purpose enterprises to fulfil the missions of the foundation.