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The non-profit Beurer-Foundation — autonomous and independent

"The good a person sends out into the world shall not be lost" (quote: Albert Schweitzer)
The Beurer-Foundation is a non-profit foundation based in Ulm. The foundation acts autonomously and independently when making decisions. The support funds are used to selectively support regional, national and, thanks to the increasing internationalisation of the company, also international projects. One of the key areas we currently support is education and training for underprivileged children, young people and women. We see the largest leverage effect of the deployed funds in the support of training schemes.

Non-profit status

The Beurer-Foundation was founded in January 2015 and is recognised as a non-profit foundation. Among other things, this means that the income received by the foundation must only be used for charitable purposes, that the foundation is established on a long-term basis and the causes therefore benefit from long-term support. In addition, the assets of the foundation are forever at their disposal.

The Beurer-Foundation is completely financed through profit distributions from Beurer GmbH and through generous donations. The distribution of profits means that the foundation is not affected by interest rate fluctuations of the financial market.