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Women's culture course in Burgau

| November 2018 - January 2019 |
From 6th November 2018 to 29th January 2019, nine women from Kosovo, Turkey, Iran, Somalia and Afghanistan met to learn the German language as well as to receive information and practical tips on coping with the daily life.

The aim of the course was that the women learn the basics in order to get along in Germany better and to improve the communication. The course management was very satisfied with the commitment and progress of the participants. Above all, the self-esteem of the women had increased significantly during the course. With the acquired knowledge and practical tips how to live in Germany, the women can now master their everyday lives more independently and can give their families and children more support. The acquired knowledge of German enables the women, for example, to conduct conversations in day-care centres or schools and thus to accompany the development and education of their children in a targeted manner.

In addition to language acquisition, training events were also specifically held on the course days. Thus a „health morning" was conducted, combined with relaxation and breathing exercises to cope with stress in everyday life by the help of a consultant from the health department. A dietician led a practical unit on infant nutrition and addressed healthy diets.
In order to find the correct local contact persons in the future, different organizations like the "Kirchliche Allgemeine Soziale Arbeit", the "Familienstützpunkt Burgau" and the "Profil-Kolleg" introduced themselves to the group as educational institutions for integration courses. On a positive note, some of the course participants have already found their way to the family base in Burgau, for example, where they will receive further advice.