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Support of the women’s village Umoja in Kenya

Kenia | since january 2021 | Freundeskreis Umoja e.V.
The women's village "Umoja" in the Samburu area of Kenya was founded in 1990 by Rebecca Lolosoli and offers its residents and their children protection from violence, oppression and genital mutilation to this day.

After the expansion of the local primary school, the Umoja Muehlbauer Academy, in 2020, two school buses were purchased for school transportation. This also allows children from remote bush settlements to attend school in Umoja. The support of the Beurer Foundation ensures the maintenance of these school transports.

Schülerinnen mit Maske im Bus
Schulbus hält in Buschdorf
The issue of accessibility to school and safety on the way to school significantly influences the decision of families whether a child can attend school. Thanks to the support of the Beurer Foundation, parents are now also exempted from paying transport costs. This enables children from the predominantly very poor families to attend school and receive a very good primary education.

Further information about the women's village Umoja and the Freundeskreis Umoja e.V. can be found here: http://www.fk-umoja.org/

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