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Wohnschiff Altona, Hamburg — provisions for girls, training, leisure activities

Hamburg | February 2016 - December 2022 | terre des hommes
Wohnschiff Altona
Since May 2016, terre des hommes and the Beurer-Foundation have been helping refugee children and young people living in container-style housing facilities in Billstieg and Berzeliusstraße in Hamburg to integrate. There are over 600 children and young people living here who have access to work placements, training and sporting and leisure activities through a programme co-developed with the participants. In particular, girls and young women are strengthened and supported.
German courses and literacy courses are offered to young mothers with childcare available. The girls can participate in special offers like swimming or excursions, because they are often not allowed to participate in mixed offers.

A special highlight for the girls is the annual girls' trip. The girls themselves are allowed to take part in the planning and preparations of the journey.

The project is run with partner organisation KARUNA Zukunft für Kinder und Jugendliche International e.V. (KARUNA Future for Children and Adolescents International).

Wohnschiff Altona
  • Wohnschiff Altona
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