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Improving the educational situation at St. Anthony Secondary School in Kyazanga, Uganda

Uganda | since January 2019 | Adept e.V.
The Kyazanga region in southwestern Uganda is a particularly structurally weak region. Almost all families live exclusively from agriculture with which they can survive but hardly generate income. In order to offer a high-quality education to the young people living there, the St. Anthony School Kyazanga has been part of the support programme of the association Adept e. V., which supports educational institutions in Uganda since 2017.
The Beurer Foundation supports Adept e. V. to improve the career prospects of the students at St. Anthony Secondary School.

Since January 2019, the Beurer Foundation has been supporting various projects of Adept e.V. to improve the educational situation at St. Anthony Secondary School in Kyazanga, Uganda. This sustainable support significantly improves the career prospects of students at St. Anthony's Secondary School.

2022/2023: Construction of an IT department building and construction of a school library

Rural people in Uganda mostly don't have basic IT skills, which are now a prerequisite for many professions. Often there is a lack of access to a computer and the ability to learn and practice basic programs such as Word, Power Point and Excel. In rural areas, schools generally do not have access to the Internet, so students do not have the opportunity to use Internet research to access and learn how to use the knowledge available around the world.
That is why the Beurer Foundation is supporting the construction and technical equipment of an IT department building at St. Anthony Secondary School, Kyazanga. Construction will start in november 2022.

In order to promote the students' understanding of the text and reading skills, the construction of a school's own library will begin in 2022. The library is intended to offer young people the opportunity to deepen their own teaching content, carry out research and broaden their horizons beyond the required academic knowledge.

2021/2022: Construction of a new administrative centre

In the summer of 2022, the construction of the new administrative centre at St. Anthony's Secondary School was completed. The new building includes a room for the head of the school, the secretary, the deputy head of the school, the academic director, the school social work, as well as a teacher's room for 30 teachers, a pantry and restrooms.

Picture left: Administrative centre before | Picture right: Administrative centre after
Construction of a new administrative centreNeues Verwaltungsgebäude Uganda
2019/2020: Construction of a building for science

For the year 2019/2020, the Beurer Foundation supported the construction of a science building for teaching physics, chemistry, biology and agriculture as well as the construction of an agricultural training workshop at St. Anthony Secondary School in Kyanzanga. This project was of great importance for the educational situation in this region.

In addition, the project reduced the lack of space at the school: Previously, only three classrooms and the auditorium were available for the almost 400 young people, so that the class size was about 100 students.

In the summer of 2020, the construction of the scientific section was completed. The new section has two science rooms with water and gas connections for teaching in the subjects Physics & Chemistry and Biology & Agriculture as well as a material and preparation room. Each classroom is constructed for lessons with 50 students.

In addition, the rooms were equipped with appropriate furniture, scientific equipment and teaching materials. The construction of the scientific tract significantly improves the quality of teaching at the school.

Construction of a building for science
Construction of an agricultural training garage

The agricultural training garage was completed in the summer of 2020. Better machinery and farming methods can significantly increase agricultural yields in the region, thus significantly improving the prospects for the future of the young people there.

On the one hand, the agricultural training garage serves the safe storage of modern agricultural machinery and on the other hand, the pupils also learn the servicing and maintenance of these machines as part of their lessons.

Construction of an agricultural training garage
Beurer Stiftung in Uganda
The Beurer Foundation enjoys a good reputation due to its long-term support at St. Anthony Secondary School.
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