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Strong mothers – strong Children!

Libanon | since january 2021 | Orienthelfer e.V.
The difficult financial, social and economic situation in Lebanon means that vulnerable groups of the population need support more than ever. For example, single mothers and their children have little future prospects due to their weak economic position. That is why the Beurer Foundation supports the project "Strong Mothers – Strong Children!" of Orienthelfer e. V. in Lebanon.

The project aims to improve the educational level, psychological and physical well-being, prosperity and ultimately the future prospects of single mothers and their children. In this respect, many of the activities are aimed at strengthening the economic position of mothers, also against the background of enabling children to have a carefree childhood and improving their future prospects. In addition to financing school fees, securing the mothers' basic daily needs and medical care, the focus is also on job application training in order to improve job opportunities and thus secure the family's income. A psychologist and social workers accompany the mothers and their children to support them in daily challenges. The placement of women in stable employment brings with it a general improvement in their standard of living and well-being. This has a direct positive effect on their children. The project creates a basis for the families to get back into a more stable living situation.

Further information about Orienthelfer e.V. can be found here: https://www.orienthelfer.de/

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