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Street children of Sierra Leone

Sierra Leone | May 2016 - December 2022 | Cap Anamur
Straßenkinder Sierra Leone
Cap Anamur and the Beurer-Foundation are helping street children in Sierra Leone. Social workers search the Freetown slums at night looking for children and invite them to stay in the refuge. The children are looked after there. Apart from a place to live, food and chlothes the children also get school education. The social workers then look for their family and relatives and provide psychosocial support at the Pikin Paddy Protection Centre. They work through the situation with all those involved and then provide mediation.


 In the majority of cases, the children are able to return to their families. Even after mediation, the project remains in close contact with the children and their families.

In the last four years, the project has already returned 313 from 353 children to their families. 87% of the children remained with their family on a permanent basis.

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The single "Street Pikin Dem" was published to celebrate the International Day of the Street Child. It was written, sung and directed by children living on the streets of Sierra Leone. Pikin means child in the Krio language. (Source: Network for Streetchildren Sierra Leone)
  • Straßenkinder Sierra Leone
  • Straßenkinder Sierra Leone
  • Straßenkinder Sierra Leone
  • Straßenkinder Sierra Leone
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