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Support of a Secondary School in Mongolia

Mongolei | November 2017 - December 2019 | Cap Anamur
Sekundarschule Mongolei - Projekt der Beurer-Stiftung
The secondary school in the Züünbayan-Ulaan district of Mongolia’s Övörkhangai province has around 400 students. This includes a building for approximately 440 children, and a boarding school for 100 children from nomadic groups. The children live up to 80km away.
70 other nomad children live with their relatives or with their mothers in their own yurt, while their fathers herd animals elsewhere. The Beurer-Foundation would like to assist in the project and help to renovate the building (which was built in 1976) to a usable condition.

More information about Cap Anamur can be found here:
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Sekundarschule Mongolei
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