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Setting up and supporting Al Amal schools

Libanon | December 2016 - Juny 2018 | Orienthelfer
In Lebanon, there is currently a population of 6 million Lebanese people and an additional 1.7 million Syrian refugees. There are 100,000 children living in the Syrian border region of Bekaa alone.
Three schools in the Bekaa region can accommodate approximately 700 pupils aged between 6 and 14 and employ 46 teachers. The lessons take place from Sunday to Thursday in two shifts. The children are in a secure environment here. Teaching is adapted to the needs of the children as the war and their subsequent escape has left many of them with considerable learning deficits.
The timetable includes Arabic, English, maths, science, sport and ethics. The teachers receive training so they are better equipped to deal with the particular situation of the children. Thanks to the Beurer-Foundation, 66 children can attend school for one school year.

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