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"Haus des Lernens": pre-school project in Lebanon

Libanon | December 2016 - June 2018 | Orienthelfer
The Beurer-Foundation is working with the Orienthelfer humanitarian organisation to support the Haus des Lernens (house of learning) project, which was founded by Orienthelfer e.V. in Bar Elias.

More information about Orienthelfer can be found here:
>> Orienthelfer

The primary aim is to ensure that Syrian children in Lebanon have access to pre-school education and to improve this education. Extra tuition is also provided to prepare the students for the Accelerated Learning Program (ALP) or to support students who attend Lebanese schools. The project also incorporates manual and vocational training for young people and young adults as part of a joint project with the Training and Development Centres of the Bavarian Employer's Association (bfz).