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„Lern-Café“ Ulm

Ulm | since April 2019 | Menschlichkeit-ulm e.V.
In order to support young people in their apprenticeship, the Beurer Foundation supports the project "Lern-Café" in Ulm by Menschlichkeit-ulm e. V. .
In the "Lern-Café" trainees with an escape or migration background receive subject-related learning support. It is an additional, low-threshold offer, to which everybody can come without registration. There are volunteer tutors on site who can provide support in a variety of areas, such as reading and text comprehension, preparation for presentations, homework, etc.
The Lerncafé takes place on Tuesdays and Thursdays from 5.30-7 pm at Café JAM at Münsterplatz in Ulm.

Further suppliers of the project are IHK Ulm, Stadt Ulm, Universität Ulm, DAAD, Ulmer Bürgerstiftung and JAM.

Information on Menschlichkeit-ulm e.V. can be found here: www.menschlichkeit-ulm. de

  • Lern-Café Ulm
  • Lern-Café Ulm
  • Lern-Café Ulm
  • Lern-Café Ulm
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