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Making education available – overcoming trauma

Ulm | since january 2018 | Kinderschutzbund Ulm/Neu-Ulm e.V.
The Ulm child welfare agency Kinderschutzbund Ulm/Neu-Ulm e.V. has been supporting children in need for 40 years. During this time the psychological counselling centre of the agency has become a specialist centre for violence and parental separation. 55.6% of the children are referred to the centre by daycare facilities, schools, youth welfare offices, general practitioners, or courts.
Teachers as well as parents with kindergarten or primary school aged children often contact the agency, as more and more children are no longer able to benefit from education programmes.
Because of this, the welfare agency is looking to expand their programmes for children, parents and specialists, an endeavour which the Beurer-Foundation gladly supports. This includes expanding the help for children from problematic domestic backgrounds who have behavioural problems such as aggression, learning difficulties, or excessive shyness, as well as advising parents on how to best support their children.
Specialists also require guidance in how to interact with difficult children, and should also be appropriately trained.
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