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Development of local educational structures to support the integration and reintegration of displaced children and adolescents”

Irak | December 2019 - April 2023 | terre des hommes
Together with terre des hommes, the Beurer Foundation is once again supporting a project in Iraq and is creating new future prospects for displaced refugee children and young people by establishing educational structures. The project is implemented in cooperation with terre des hommes Italy and local partner organizations. The project activities take place in five locations: Falluja and Ramadi in Anbar province, Kirkuk, Erbil in the Kurdistan Autonomous Region and Mosul in the province of Ninawa.

Project schedule

The aim

The project provides a total of 3,200 children and young people with gender-appropriate educational and therapeutic services for mental stabilization and educational (Re-)integration. In order to protect children and to anchor these offers permanently, local organizations are qualified, strengthened and expanded.

The project activities

Therapy, integration and peace education services are provided as well as learning and play facilities for children. Both services are closely linked with each-other because children need an external safe environment to regain their inner security and strengthen their self-help potential.
At the community and institutional level, local institutions are involved in child protection, psychosocial care and trauma treatment so that they can provide qualified support for children in the future.


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