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Emergency aid for Ukraine

Ukraine | March 2022 - October 2022 | Cap Anamur
Due to the war of aggression in Ukraine, the Ukrainian people need rapid help. Our long-standing partner Cap Anamur was able to build a logistics center in southern Ukraine at the beginning of March 2022. From there, the clinics in the surrounding area are supplied with medical equipment and medication.

The distribution of aid supplies was quickly expanded, so that medication, baby food and other relief supplies could be supplied to the contested region of Chernihiv by mid-March and to Kiev by the end of March.

The emergency relief project of Cap Anamur enables the Beurer Foundation to support Ukrainians and to provide them with urgently needed aid.

Further information on the emergency aid project in Ukraine can be found here: Ukraine | Cap Anamur (cap-anamur.org)

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