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Golden Hearts Pforzheim: Educational project for immigrant women

Pforzheim | since 2021 | Golden Hearts
Immigration poses a great challenge to local communities but also presents a great opportunity. In order to develop the potential of immigrant women, the Beurer Foundation supports the educational project "Low-threshold German language support for immigrant women with accompanying childcare" of GoldenHearts in Pforzheim. After all, education and learning the German language is the key to integration. Language courses with childcare are rare, which is why many young mothers are prevented from attending a language course for years. Only when the last child – often many – is able to attend primary school, it is possible for most mothers to learn the language of their new home country. In the GoldenHearts project, these women can bring their children with them. While the mothers are learning, the children are supported with their homework and linguistically encouraged.

Over 60% of the women in the project are illiterate and have never attended school in their home country. For them, too, GoldenHearts is the first contact on the long road to integration. In addition to language teaching, the German courses in Pforzheim also focus on social interaction.

Further information about Golden Hearts can be found here: http://goldenhearts.online/

Gruppenbild | Deutschförderung Zugewanderter Frauen
Kind | Deutschförderung Zugewanderter Frauen
Kinder | Deutschförderung Zugewanderter Frauen
Deutschförderung Zugewanderter Frauen Gruppenbild
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