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Educational support in the kindergarten of Visakhapatnam, India

Indien | since June 2019 | UPPAHAR
The Beurer-Foundation supports an educational project of Uppahar in India in order to give the children in the kindergarten in Visakhapatnam a chance at education.
Since 2001, Uppahar has maintained an educational institution in the middle of the slum district of Visakhapatnam. Children from the poorest backgrounds are able to attend school by being provided with the school uniform, the necessary books and writing utensils and money for the school bus. After attending public school, the children come to the children's refuge, where teachers help them with their homework and they receive additional remedial teaching. They are also allowed to be children, they sing, play, do sports and dance. And they get a warm meal - for many of the children the only one of the day.
The direct work on the child is accompanied by family social work. Many children come from families where drug addiction, crime, prostitution and violence are major problems.
The Beurer Foundation supports 15 children of the kindergarten in Visakhapatnam. For these children, education in the industrial nation of India is a great opportunity! Once they have a good school leaving certificate, there is even the possibility of studying with a scholarship.

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