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“Drop anchor!” Young refugees find their place in Kiel

Kiel | January 2018 - December 2020 | terre des hommes
Together with terre des hommes, the Beurer-Foundation provides the project "Drop Anchor".

Most young refugees are highly motivated and willing to work; however, due to their foreign surroundings, and a reception phase that they find complicated and frequently uncertain, they find themselves in positions of powerlessness and at the mercy of foreign authorities in many aspects of their lives. This leaves many feeling as if the situation will never change, something which can lead to passivity and total paralysis.
The project is under way to combat these feelings, through biography work. The partner organisation behind this project is the guardianship association “lifeline”, and the Beurer-Foundation gladly supports them in their endeavour.

Through individual and group work, young refugees are able to create a safe space in which they can process their experiences, and grow from them, learn what their strengths are, and gain an experience of solidarity, and being a part of society. Additionally, “lifeline” works towards creating a network of organisations that make it possible for young refugees to take part in society in an athletic, artistic, social, political or voluntary capacity.
Encouraging autonomous freedom to make decisions as part of the journey towards social participation should be a mandatory part of the integration process for unaccompanied young refugees.
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